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David's Perfect Pulled Pork

2 pork tenders (3 lbs)

1 can rotel

2-3 cans of green chilis (4.5 ounces each can) depending on how hot you want it)

1 package of taco seasoning

2 tablespoons of oil

1 chopped onion

2 teaspoons of David Wade’s Worcestershire Powder

Cut tenderloins into two inch pieces and brown on all sides in a skillet with two tablespoons of oil

Include onions in skillet to brown also

This should just take a couple of minutes on each side

Put browned tenderloin along with browned onions in crock pot and add remaining ingredients

Stir occasionally

Cook at high heat for first 3 hours and remaining 2-3 hours cook at low. When it is just about finished, pull the pork apart and let it simmer in the juice.

Its great served on a bun or on a fresh flour or corn tortilla with cole slaw

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