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1 teaspoon pepper

1 cup Peanut oil (DO NOT substitute any other oil)

2 teaspoons salt

3 tablespoons Worcestershire powder

3 teaspoons paprika

1 turkey (12-20 pounds)

4 teaspoons hot water

Select turkey carefully. It should not be less than 12 pounds. Combine, pepper, salt, paprika and hot water. Let stand at least 10 minutes. Add peanut oil and mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle Worcestershire powder over turkey. Rub some Peanut Oil mixture inside and outside of turkey. Truss as desired. Pour remaining oil and additional oil into large paper sack (type used in your grocery store-large, heavy-duty type WITH NO HOLES). Rub oil into inside of sack until every pore in every inch of the sack is sealed with oil mixture.

Place turkey in sack, breast side up. Gather the end of the sack together and tie securely. Bake in a moderate oven (325-degrees) 10 MINUTES PER POUND. Since the sack is airtight, the turkey is cooked by live steam; therefore, when sack is opened, BE CAREFUL!

Use just the lower section of your roaster. Do not cover turkey with the top of the roaster.

WORDS OF CAUTION: Do not substitute any other oil for peanut oil. Only peanut oil will work. Also, do not substitute aluminum foil in place of a sack. It will not work. Open the sack very carefully (the end away from you first) as the sack is full of HOT STEAM. DO NOT stuff this turkey with dressing. You will not have to baste the turkey since the oil-sealed sack is self-basting. It is a good idea to rest the sack in the bottom of a roasting pan during the cooking process as some of the oil may seep through the sack during the cooking process.

If you desire to gild this turkey with a glaze, here is one I recommend:

4 tablespoons butter (or low-fat margarine)

2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin

2 cups milk

4 tablespoons flour

½ teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons water

I cup mayonnaise

Melt butter over low heat, add flour and salt, mix until blended. Then add milk and stir until thickened. Mix gelatin with water and add to the mixture. After this mixture has cooled, add mayonnaise. When turkey has cooled, coat with mixture.

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