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"Yeah, he might have used an over-abundance of big words (…words like “over-abundance”), but, to be fair,

he also had a folksy charm and was pleasantly inoffensive.""


Paula Bosse


David Wade was an award winning, internationally known Gourmet Chef. He conducted “Gourmet” television programs in major cities across the country, and was the author of numerous bestselling cookbooks. Wade began making the famous David Wade Worcestershire powder over 40 years ago.

"I was absolutely mesmerized by Wade’s astute elocution, the wacky ascot and jacket in the kitchen,

and the dishes he created that I had never been exposed to before in my short life.

Wade was quite the showman, and reminded me much of the Wizard who ruled over Oz."


Steven Doyle

The Original Worcestershire "Powder"

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